Let the energy flow again...!

46 Million Americans Suffer From Arthritis

By 2030, 40% of U.S. adults will have the condition, experts say

Arthritic disease is the most common cause of disability in the United States and now affects 46 million Americans, or more than 21 percent of the adult population, a major new report finds. (read more)


Please read the statement above again and think about it: What does this stand for exactly?

A steadily rising number of the people who fall ill with arthritis ?!

And this is expected by the "official" medicine industry quite openly...  wait a minute !
Hardly somebody strikes with the fact: something must be VERY wrong...!

WHY does the medicine industry provides NO healing?
On the contrary - MORE people fall ill with arthritis - and that is stated openly! Seems they lay us open to ridicule!


Nevertheless, something cannot be right!
For more than 100 years the medicine industry tells us about their success!

Where is it - please?

Meanwhile more than 75% (!!) of all illnesses in the USA and everywhere else is called "iatrogen" - that means: caused by medicine industry itself.


Pain is the shout of the body for fluent energy -  a well known Chinese saying says.

Arthritis / pain(ache) / inflammations of the joints etc. simply are energy blockades.
Which kind of energy we are talking about?

No - not about electricity out of the outlet - but similar...
We are knowing for ages  that all features of our body are organised by fine electric currents.

If this energy flow is disturbed we are suffering pain(ache) and illness.
Our bioelectric balance is disturbed!

Though you can suppress the symptoms with chemicals and you might feel the pain a little less...

- this still is no healing!

Only recovering the complicated "energy balance" of the body can lead to selfhealing!


- we are supporting strength of   SELFHEALING  !!

In more than 10 years of research we have developed a special method supporting optimally the bioelectric flow of the body - the lasting stimulation of selfhealing quite personally and directly.

About the principle:
If you take a cup from the wardrobe (that means using energy) you must KNOW where you want to put the cup (that means: kind of information must be stated)
Energy-flow without appropriate information leads nowhere. Right?

Just it is with the energy flows belonging to the body.
Your body is often badly organised caused by  lack of information about WHAT exactly  should be made.
(There are many reasons why )

And this stands for pain(ache) and illness.

Can Arthritis be cured?

The answer is:
Why not?  -  if the body`s energy - flow is optimized and stabil....

How is stability of the body`s energy-flow to be achieved ?

Well - the basic information of all bodys features is stored in every hair, every cell, in every part of the body.  It is stored in the DNA.

You are unique. Exactly like a photograph of yours!
No other person is identical to YOU!

While researching we found out using a photograph of any person (as a Matrix to optimise body´s energy flow) is the same than using the DNA or a cell.

A small photograph is used to stabilise and harmonise the energy-field /body´s energy-flow  of every person!

If interested read more about this principles on the next side.

Arthritis is an energy flow disturbance!


Therefore, relief can be achieved with an optimised energy flow!
It is that simple, clear and logical !


We like to help ! 

For that very reason we have founded the International Arthritis Club. Everybody who suffers from arthritis is invited  becoming a member.

For just the price having a cup of coffee together each week!

That means literally:  EVERYBODY has the opportunity escaping out of the claws of the medicine industry step by step!

Of course the restoration of the body´s energy-flow is no thing which can happen within 1 hour.

The procedere went slowly and very subtly - over months, sometimes years!

Supporting this process club members gain a special offer at member's area.
Only for members!  Subscribe as a member after reading and accepting terms of conditions. Membership fee is only   US$ 5.95 weekly.





We like to help ! 



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