The Gift from Professor Doctor Svoboda


- Optimum health is now a possibility!


Prof. Dr. Martin Svoboda* is an impressive person.

With his 70 years of age he appears like a slightly older version of Arnold

Schwarzenegger: approximately 1.9m tall, greyish but still full hair and eyes which

sparkle with intensity when he talks ‘business’.

“Let me tell you something, young man” he likes to begin when he talks about his

favourite subject. A subject which he loves to talk often about – he still holds a

professorship at one of the most acclaimed Universities in Great Britain.

“We can twist and turn as much as we want but people in industrialised nations

are under immense pressure which detrimentally affects their health – and no pills

or vitamin supplements can help anymore, but...”

We quickly ask:” What do you mean with ‘pressure’, professor?”

And then he tells us his unusual and unbelievable story.

“It is now over 12 years ago”, tells us Prof. Svoboda,”since I had the honour and

privilege to spend a few months with one of the last aboriginal tribes on the

planet. How this came about? Well, I was involved in a research project which was

supposed to extract and analyse the active agents in certain plants of the rain

forest. As part of the project we were planning on accessing the knowledge about

these plants and their use for healing from these aboriginal people.

This project was of course funded by one of the largest international

pharmaceutical companies. This company reacted to the increased interest from

customers to natural products and preparations.

I want to tell you something, young man, the pharma industry is going nuts about

developing new product lines, its big business.

Anyhow, everything turned out very differently. I want to keep this short. So, we

did analyse herbs and plants and found active agents – much to the surprise of the

tribal people who could not understand why we were ‘robbing the plants of their


But then something really bad happened to one of our lab assistants. He fell ill to

an unbeknown to us infection and got very weak within a few hours. Our medical

team could not help even with penicillin – the result of his blood analysis was and

remained very bad.

And now the incredible happened. I expected the native medicine man to brew a

herbal concoction or something similar to give to the poor guy but they did

something very different to our surprise. What they did was – in our terminology –

quantum physical healing. I know this today.

Back then I observed how a group of people got together and sat down in the

village’s main square. Before that they cut off a bunch of hair from the ill person

and gave each villager a small bundle of hair.

The medicine man then gave each a herb which they held in their left hand while

they held the hair of the ill man in the right hand.

And now a strange ritual took place which took several hours without any breaks.

With the same rhythm each villager took a deep breath over the hand with the

herb and exhaled over the hand with the hair. Breathe in over the herb and exhale

over the hair – for hours they did this.

It was fascinating!

Back then I had no idea what was happening but today I do – I’ll come to that in a

minute. The wonder happened: within about half a day our lab assistant was

completely cured. He was led to a nearby stream and was given a plant leaf. He

then – well you can imagine – cleansed himself from the inside out... ;-)”

“Professor, you just mentioned ‘quantum physical healing’ in relation to the

fascinating ritual. What do you mean?”

“When we got back to civilisation – a term that I now chuckle about – we started to

research very extensively to find out whether similar healing methods were

observed in other aboriginal peoples. And we found some ethnologists who

described similar healing practices around the world.

All of these practices have three factors in common:

1. The group, the collective is involved

2. Not the substance or active agent was given to the ill but rather the

information or idea or ‘spirit’ of the substance or healing method.

3. The transmission is based on the resonance principle. In the described

example it was the hair which was obviously in resonance with the person.

Via the resonance with the hair the group was able to transmit the

information of the herb to the ill person. The acting as a group seems to

increase the strength of the transmission.

It seems that our physical regulatory systems react to this much more sensitively

than pure chemical-medical substances can. From the immense treasure of

knowledge that the findings in Quantum Physics has brought us in the last fifty

years we can understand this principle – but we don’t want to go into the details


But this knowledge is not being applied in our daily lives and certainly not in the

medical arena. Sadly, I must add.

The term ‘virtual processes’ is known to physics for many decades now and

describes pretty well what’s been going on.

You know, young man (and I have to add that I have reached a half century myself

a few years ago), I am a classically trained biologist and was a hard assed

materialist in my scientific career.

But this experience thought me something radically different.

I have now been in retirement for years and only do my private research. This

research has without any exceptions shown that our organism is organised and

ordered by a system one level higher than the nervous, endocrine and chemical


Yes, this system of order DIRECTS all these processes and decides whether we get

cancer or whether our immune system remains stable!

The just mentioned virtual processes describe this system exactly – from a

quantum physics point of view. I don’t want to bore you with the details but only

say this much: If it is possible to support and direct this order in a specific way

then a maximum of healing for any illness is possible! And it IS possible, my native

friends have proven this and I have witnessed this a few more times.”

“As you know Professor, our team has been working on this for many years now...”

“That’s why I have come to you! I have checked many of your findings and find

them highly qualified.

I would like to present to you a series of information patterns which I have

researched and tested. These are a series of specifically selected resonance

carriers which have never before – also not in naturopathy – existed.

These are ‘spirit’ essences of plants and minerals who have a high affinity with

human well-being and health – they work on a multidimensional level – meaning

they also work on higher levels of order. At the same time they are absolutely not

a medication and have nothing to do with the classic understanding of medicine.

A prerequisite are the three mentioned factors: group, information and resonance

with an individual carrier. The following happens: If many (ideally thousands of)

people together come into contact with the information via the resonance

principle (hair or a photograph) the effect increases and stabilises. Do you


Detrimental and destructive information can also be transmitted via the resonance

principle (media, TV etc.). My personal opinion is that this is happening on a large


“In your opinion what can be done about these rather nasty influences?”

“As you can see I am very healthy in my old age and am also rather fit. Until a few

years ago I regularly revisited my native friends.

My vitality is due to the almost daily group healing rituals which my friends

perform – they use a photograph to include me.

Without blushing I can tell you today (as a scientist) that I can feel it when my

friends – thousands of kilometres away – perform their collective work!

I would like to contribute my part in helping others to benefit from this fantastic

opportunity to stabilise their immune system without medication and to reharmonise

the development of pathological processes before illnesses arise.

I support your idea of offering a club membership to people who are educated,

wise and understand the concept. As I can see you have the right method with your

bio information technology.

Therefore I give you the mentioned essences of information. Do something helpful

with them.”

“Thank you wholeheartedly for your trust in us and we promise to offer this to a

selected group of people. We hope that the circle expands quickly so that the

collective effect can further be enhanced.”

“I would also like to become a member in your club – here is my photo – at my age

you cannot be cautious enough!”

“Very well, then you also have to sign our disclaimer – as you know membership in

our Revolution means that you have to be clear that this is nothing to do with

medical treatment.”

This conversation was recorded in German in April 2002 and was translated into

English in August 2010.

(*) name change was requested

Prof. Svoboda mentioned ‘people who are educated, wise and understand the

concept’ who appreciate the possibility to consistently maintain their health long

term – together with many similarly inclined people.

The Revolution has been in existence in Germany for many years. Membership is

growing slowly but steadily and we receive much positive feedback from our


We have never heard of any major illness of any of our members. We have

integrated the information essences into our daily transmissions shortly after

receiving them from Professor Dr. Svoboda. For the first time the Revolution is now

open for English speaking countries.

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